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Gayle Li lawyer

About Us

Gayle Li (Principal Solicitor)

Admitted as a solicitor in February 2017, Gayle came to this profession later in life. Prior to this, she had worked in the medical industry for approximately 16 years.


Her experience beyond that of a lawyer has undoubtedly influenced the way she chooses to practice. Gayle's advice is based on her familiarity with the law and her strong belief that a solicitor’s primary role is to minimise conflict and find solutions that are realistic, sensible, and expeditious for clients.

Gayle is a also a lecturer for the University of Technology Sydney teaching the subject Medicine & Law. 


In 2021 she created Sapphire Legal. A boutique law firm, it offers legal services that are accessible, affordable, and honest. Her goal is to improve the way in which clients can access legal services whilst not compromising on quality or compassion.


Gayle is a strong advocate in the utilisation of alternative dispute resolution resources wherever possible including mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative law.


Gayle chose the name “Sapphire” for its many meanings – wisdom, calm, truth, confidence…. Qualities which she wishes to not only provide to her clients, but also encourage from them as well.

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