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Gayle Li lawyer

About Us

Gayle Li (Principal Solicitor)

Admitted to the legal profession in February 2017, Gayle embarked on her journey as a solicitor later in life after dedicating approximately 16 years to the medical industry.  In 2022 she also served as a lecturer at the University of Technology teaching Medicine and Law.

Drawing upon her extensive background beyond the legal sphere, Gayle's approach to practicing law is uniquely shaped by her diverse experiences.  Grounded in her belief that a solicitor's paramount duty to their client is to minimise conflict and devise practical, sensible and prompt solutions, her advise is a testament to her comprehensive understanding of the law.

In 2021, Gayle founded Sapphire Legal, a boutique law firm dedicated to delivering legal services that are not only accessible, affordable, and honest but also prioritize a personalised approach.  Choosing Gayle as your solicitor offers a distinct advantage over larger firms - you not only receive legal guidance from someone who views you as a real person, but also benefits from a solicitor who operates without the burden of meeting billable hour quotas.  This ensures a focus on your needs and a commitment to providing quality service without the constraints of traditional time-based billing pressures as commonly associated with employee solicitors.

An avid supporter of alternative dispute resolution methods, Gayle actively promotes the utilisation of resources such as mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative law whenever feasible.

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