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Family Law

What Does Family Law Cover?

Family Law focuses specifically on familial relationships. These areas typically include divorce applications, parenting matters, property settlement and mediation. Family law solicitors in this area of law represent their clients during family court proceedings and negotiations, as well as draft documents, provide legal advice and communicate on behalf of their client with the other side.  Some family law solicitors in this area specialize in particular areas i.e. adoption, paternity challenges, foster care services and reproductive rights. It is important that you feel personally comfortable with your family lawyer. You may find that you feel more comfortable with a lawyer of your own sex or cultural background that you identify with.  Being able to communicate honestly and openly with your family lawyer is paramount to the quality of legal advice they can give you.  When you consider that the average cost of a family law dispute can easily fall in the range of $100,000 (per person), there can be no doubt about the benefits of early resolution of disputes between separating couples - both for the parties involved and their children.  

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